The Beatles - New Memorabilia (Current)

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Beanie - The Beatles Bears:  

Complete set of 4 Beatles Beanie Bears. Each Bear is a different color and has a Beatles song title embroidered on its chest. 1) Magical Mystery Tour 2) Sgt Pepper 3) I want to hold your hand 4) Hey Jude. Limited to 25,000 (19257th set) sets these are the only Official Apple Beatles Beanie Bears produced (1999).



Apple Records 7" Record Shipping Box:  

An original Apple shipping box used for shipping the U.S.A. Apple 7 inch singles to record shops. The box has the apple logo on the front. Measures 12 inches x 9 inches. The top of the box next to "Record No." is a number 1843 (written in with a marker). This box originally contained 25 Mary Hopkin Water, Paper & Clay / Jefferson 45 RPM singles.



Beatles Saturday Morning Cartoon Figures - McFarlane / Spawn:  

McFarlane Toys' newest line of Beatles action figures is based on the classic Beatles Cartoon series. Produced by King Features, the cartoon premiered in the U.S. in 1965 and ran for two immensely popular seasons. This line of figures is based on the Beatles' animated appearance in that series.



Chu Bops Beatles Miniature Records & Counter Display

The Beatles Chu-Bops Bubble Gum Records series was manufactured by Album Graphics, Inc. of Illinois, and was sold in stores during the 1980's. Shown with header card and the display box which held 64 pieces - 4 each of 16 different Beatles album titles. Each piece was sold at a suggested retail price of 35 cents.


Beatles 1 CD Counter Display

Cardboard counter display used to hold The Beatles CD 1 that was released in 2000. The CD consisted of 27 Number 1 singles from The Beatles



Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu Pin - Magical Mystery Tour Pin:  

Magical Mystery Tour Bus Pin from the Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu. Limited edition 300 pin.




McDonalds Beatles Pins:  

McDonalds pins with a different caption on each pin from a Beatles song. Has dates 1997 & 1999 on the front. The different captions are "All You Need Is FRIES," "I Get BY With A Little Help From My FRIES" & "I Wanna Hold Your FRIES."



  Help! - Franklin Mint Musical Tribute Abbey Road - Franklin Mint Musical Tribute

Beatles' Musical Tribute:  

Help!, Sgt. Pepper's, Magical Mystery Tour, Abbey Road 1996 (started in) Franklin Mint series hand-painted Limited Edition musical tribute to The Beatles.  Crafted in Tesori porcelain and preserved in a crystal-clear dome.  Each one plays a different tune according to the album which it represents.



Plates - Delphi Collection - Bradford Exchange:  

Two complete sets of collectors plates manufactured by Delphi and issued by the Bradford Exchange.  The first set "The Beatles Collection" consisted of eight plates "Live In Concert," "Hello America," "A Hard Day's Night," "Beatles 65," "Help!," "The Beatles at Shea Stadium," "Rubber Soul," & "Yesterday & Today." These were issued from 1991-1992. The second series "The Beatles 1967-1070" consisted of six plates "Sgt. Pepper: The 25th Anniversary," "All You Need Is Love," "Magical Mystery Tour," "Hey Jude," "Abbey Road," & "Let It Be." These were issued from 1992-1993. All plates include original shipping boxes, authenticity certificates and story pamphlet.  



Rolling Papers - Beatles:  

Full pack of Beatles rolling papers. The side of the pack has Papel De Fumar Rolling Papers. Nothing else is known about this unusual item; there were many artist that appeared on a pack of rolling papers.


Stock album picture   

3-D Glasses:  


3-D glasses from the album "The British are Coming" manufactured by Silhouette Music Company in 1982. The album cover was 3-D. A stock picture of the album is also shown for reference.





Sgt.Pepper Promotional Pinback Medal & Ribbon - 1997  


Original 1997 official “Promotional” pinback medal and ribbon issued by Capitol Records to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of the Beatles classic album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The medal measures 2” x 4.25”.  It is made of pewter and the back has the official raised relief print by Capitol EMI. It was issued in a plastic box with a flip open lid. The 30th anniversary project never went through so very few of these were ever issued.



  Corgi Yellow Submarine Bedford CA Graffiti Van & Figures AEC Routemaster Bus Magical Mystery Tour Bus AEC Flatbed Lorry Corgi 1997 Catalog

Corgi Classics - The Beatles Collection 1997:  

Newspaper Taxi & Figure, Yellow Sub, Bedford CA Graffiti Van & Figures, AEC Routemaster Bus, Magical Mystery Tour Bus, AEC Flatbed Lorry, and catalog.


Yellow Submarine Lave Lamp   Yellow Submarine - Sgt. Pepper's Band Lava Lamp

Yellow Submarine Lava Lamps:  

Manufactured by Vandor in 1999, the lamps stands roughly 20-inches tall. The base is ceramic, along with a Yellow Submarine & Sgt. Pepper's Band top.



Yellow Submarine Vans Limited Edition Coffee Mug - 2014

Released: 2014

Vans Footwear offered a limited edition Yellow Submarine coffee mug in 2014 (the 50th anniversery of The Beatles appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show). You had to purchase a certain amount at the store in order to obtain the Yellow Submarine Beatles mug.




Yellow Submarine - McFarlane Toy Figures:  


Complete set of 5 Official Yellow Submarine plastic figures made by McFarlane of England in 1999. Series #1.



Yellow Submarine - McFarlane Toy Figures:  

Complete set of 4 Official Yellow Submarine plastic figures made by McFarlane of England in 2000. Series #2.


Yellow Submarine Figurine:   

Made in USA by Gartlan in 1999 to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the release of the classic movie, Yellow Submarine. Complete in original box with Certificate of Authenticity - #1171 of 5,000.



Yellow Submarine Stationery - Paper Moon:  

Unused box of Yellow Submarine stationery manufactured by Paper Moon in 1988 (20 year anniversary) Set of 15 sheets of paper & 15 matching envelopes.




Yellow Submarine Squeezies:  

Set of 4 squeezies (Sgt. Pepper Drum, Blue Meanie, Yellow Submarineow and Glove). 1999 by Alpi.





The Beatles Zippo Lighters:  


1996 Beatles Series: 

#471 -  With The Beatles

#472 - A Hard Day's Night

#473 - Magical Mystery Tour

#474 - Abbey Road

#475 - Let It Be

#493 - Anthology

#502 - The Beatles Gold

Special Edition - Let It Be Lighter & Key Ring


2000 Yellow Submarine Series: 

#520 - Yellow Submarine

#524 - Yellow Submarine (Pepperland)

#525 - Portholes

#526 - Nowhere Man


2002 Beatles Series: 

#160 - Drum

#161 - The Beatles 1

#162 - Portrait Monochromatic

#163 - Help!


2004 Beatles Series:

#20589 - A Hard Day's Night

#20590 - Revolver

#20591 - The Beatles (Spectrum)


2005 Beatles Series:

#20834 - The Beatles All Four


2006 Beatles Series:

#20592 - Beatles Song Emblem

#21084 - Beatles Abbey Road

#21085 - Beatles Band


2007 Beatles Series:

#24060 - Beatles Silhouette

#24061 - Beatles Playing


2009 Beatles Series:

#24549 - Beatles Shine


2010 Beatles Series:

#24831 - Beatles Apple

#24832 - Beatles Revolution


2011 Beatles Series:


#150 - 6683 - Beatles - In The Cavern Club

#200 - 3883 - Beatles - The Beatles

#200 - 3884 - Beatles - Let It Be

#200 - 3885 - Beatles - Abbey Road

#200 - 6682 - Beatles - Rubber Soul

#200 - 6686 - Beatles - The Beatles Story LP

#200 - 9031 - Beatles - Back In The USSR

#207 - 1885 - Beatles - Sgt Pepper

#207 - 1886 - Beatles - Revolver

#207 - 5048 - Beatles - The Beatles

#207- 6680 - Beatles - Let It Be - Street Chrome 

#214 - 6684 - Beatles - All You Need Is Love - Single Cover

#229 - 6677- Beatles - Apple - Blue Zippo

#238 - Beatles - All You Need Is Love

#3791 - Beatles - Love Me Do

#6685 - Beatles - Big Ben

#8252 - Beatles - The Fab Four


2012 Beatles Series:


#200 - 7765 - Beatles - The Beatles - Brushed Chrome

#218 - 9341 - Beatles - Beatles Abbey Road



2013 Beatles Series:


#200 - 9597 - Beatles - Sgt Pepper - Brushed Chrome (Inside album pose)





Packaged in individual tins with custom sleeves. The dates used are when each lighter first appeared in the Zippo catalogue for that year. Some were available the year prior, just not listed in the official catalogue.


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