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Air Bed (Pool Float) Li-Lo - Beatles:

Air Bed or Pool Float, manufactured by Li-Lo (UK). The bed measures 6' x 3" and is made out of vinyl with faces of The Beatles and names under each image along with "The Beatles" on the pillow portion. The air bed also came in red & yellow.



Assignment Book, Beatles - Select-O-Pack:

Gray Beatles Assignment Book manufactured by Select-O-Pack. The vinyl notebook measures 4" x 6 1/2" and came with a pad of paper on each side. The top of left pad has The images of The Beatles and "Lesson Assignment" across the top along with "Class" & "Dates" on the pad. The other pad contains The Beatles instruments along with "Classroom Notes" across the top. It came in a variety of colors.



Autographs - Beatles:

Complete set of Beatles autographs obtained in November of 1963.



Bag - Japanese "Go-Go" Beatles Bag or Tote:

14x14" vinyl bag c. 1966 by Wako Plastics. Bag has carrying handles, front is brown/orange w/band photo at center and small illustration of Ringo's "Ludwig" drum set at bottom right corner. Back is blue. Center has small caricature of the band w/facsimile signatures. Original cardboard string tag w/photos in clover leaf design.



Balloon, Beatles:

Beatles Balloon mfg. in the USA in 1964 by United Industries, South Hington, CT. "Blow up!.....A Fab Beatles Ballon." Many colors were available, shown are pink, tan (or beige) & orange.



Bamboo Plate - Bamboo Tray Specialist:

Bamboo plate manufactured by the Bamboo Tray Specialist, Taiwan. Three sizes were available; 6" diameter, 11" diameter (shown) & 12" diameter. The Beatles are pictured in director's chairs from A Hard Day's Night.




Original unused "Help!" band-aid used to promote The Beatles movie; manufactured by Curad in 1965. Bandage measures 3.5" by 1" and has "Help, Beatles, Capitol" printed in red all over the bandage bandage original wrapper.




Banjo - Mastro Beatles Banjo:

Beatles Banjo manufactured by Mastro, measuring 22" long and made of plastic. 4 colored string banjo with the faces of The Beatles on the skin along with the instruction booklet. Original Mastro Banjo box.



Beach Hat - Lamron Co.:

A Beatles Beach Hat manufactured by Lamron Co. The blue & white hat (also came in red & white) had The Beatles faces and autographs on the front; it measures around 9" diameter.




Belt Buckle - The Beatles (U.K).:

A Beatles belt buckle measuring 2" x 3" gold in color with a black & white photo of The Beatles under a clear plastic cover.




Binder (Notebook) & SPP Booklet:

The Beatles school binder features a large highly detailed Sepia-Tone Beatles photo & signatures on the front cover. This style was manufactured by Standard Plastics Products (SPP). The 3-ring binder measures 9" x 11", 1 inch wide spine. Yellow & white versions are shown while several other colors were made.


The small 3" x 4" booklet came with the binder or along with any other products that were manufactured by Standard Plastics Products (SPP). This booklet is in near-mint condition.



Birthday Card - American Greetings:

Beatles Birthday Card manufactured by American Greetings (Hi Brows HBB-4) measures 8 1/2" x 12 1/4"; cover has a color picture of the Beatles; "Happy birthday from the Beatles" on the bottom section of cover.



Bolo Bouncer or Paddle Ball, Beatles:

The Beatles Bolo Bouncer was made in Germany. They were made of wood with a rubber ball attached to an elastic band. A photo of The Beatles were on the front. It measures about 9 1/2".



Bongos - Beatles Beat Bongos - Mastro:

The Beatles Beat Bongos manufactured by Mastro in an original Mastro box. The bongos are 5 1/4" tall with a 5" head & 5 3/4" head. The body is made from red plastic with a Beatle group sticker on each bongo. A Mastro decal is on the center. They came in a box that had an image of the Beatles on them however this is an original Mastro box.


Book Covers, Beatles:

The Beatles Book Covers were manufactured by Book Covers, Inc.,  NY for Seltaeb, Inc. in 1964. They were paper cover measuring 10" x 13"; with black & white photos on the edges. This original sealed package contains 7 covers & has the paper insert with a photo of The Beatles on it.



Booty Bags, Beatles:

Booty Bag was a waterproof clear plastic bag with a cord through the top allowing you to carry items. Two versions were available, one with The Beatles in blue suits and the other in black suits. The bags came with a yellow insert describing the many uses of your Beatles Booty Bag. The bag measures approximately 10" x 15".


Brunch Bag, Beatles:


Beatles Brunch Bag was manufactured by Alladin in 1965. The blue vinyl bag measured 8" tall, was zippered all the way around the top and had a black plastic strap. "The Beatles" along with a group's faces & names were pictured on the front. Was sold with a Beatles blue thermos.



Bubble Bath "Soakies":

Bubble bath "Paul" & "Ringo" soakies, manufactured by Colgate in 1965. Nine inch tall plastic containers which held 11 ounces of bubble bath; head unscrewed to remove contents.


Bugle - "Beatles Bugle" or Megaphone:

Beatles Bugle or megaphone was manufactured by Yell-a-Phone. It measures about 7 1/4" tall, made of plastic with a metal mouthpiece with a chine connected on each side. It had the Beatles faces & names on the side and "Beatle Bugle" printed on it. This is the yellow version with green print; they also came in white with red print & orange with black print.


"Butcher Cover" 2nd State - Beatles Original LP Yesterday And Today:

Original "Second State" Yesterday and Today LP from The Beatles. The "Second State" refers to the fact that the "Trunk Slick" has NOT been peeled off revealing the "Butcher Slick" underneath. This is the monaural version Capitol T-2553 with the record having the black label with the colorband.


"Butcher Cover" 3rd State - Beatles Original LP Yesterday And Today:

Original "Third State" Yesterday and Today LP from The Beatles. The "Third State" refers to the fact that the "Trunk Slick" has been peeled off revealing the "Butcher Slick" underneath. This is the monaural version Capitol T-2553 with the record having the black label with the colorband.


Button - "Beattle Booster" 3-D Pinback Flaser - Vari Vue:

Original 1964 pinback "flasher" button from Vari Vue Mt Vernon, NY. The button measures 2.5 inches & flashes from The Beatles image to their names. They came in various background colors (this being the white background). Six different version were made. Note, out of all six version, this one is the only to have the "Beatles" misspelled with two "tt's".. BeaTTle Booster.





Buttons - Green Duck Set:



Two sets of 9 buttons from the Green Duck Company in Chicago, Illinois issued in 1964. They were made to be given out in 1 cent gumball machines.  The blue version are more rare. Both set have copper pins.


The tag was a sticker (never used) that was adhered to the outside of the gumball machine.



Button - Green Duck Company:

"I'm An Official Beatles Fan" pin, approximately 3 1/2" in diameter from the Green Duck Company in Chicago, Illinois, licensed by NEMS ENT. LTD 1964.



Buttons - Miscellaneous:


"Save Lennon" - 1  3/4" - copper pin

"Stamp Out The Beatles" - 3" 

"The Beatles - 3 1/2" - Images with names under each

"Wings" - 1 1/4" - Copper pin

"I'm A Beatle-Maniac" - 2 1/2" - Has "1965 ASCO, WNONA Minnesota" on side



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